an archive of the past songs of the week

SOTW 1: 4/10/24 (Man On a Hill - The Defended) a lost song that was found in february

SOTW 2: 4/17/24 (Chlitonwalk.Temp - Graham Kartna) no about the song this time

SOTW 3: 4/24/24 (No one's around to help - shygalaxyy) unlisted for a bit, relisted in early 2024

SOTW 4: 5/1/24 (me and the key theme - bart bonte) the old link didn't work anymore so have this instead

SOTW 5: 5/8/24 (kompa pasi├│n sped up - frozy) no about the song this time

SOTW 6: 5/15/24 (radical - ritz the rat *the game*) the fnf community back in the day got trolled massively with this song because people thought it was week 7

SOTW 7: 5/22/24 (tempation waltz - metaroom) used as trailer music for temptation stairway (by joel g) turned into a full song

SOTW 8: 5/29/24 (dragon roost island - windwaker ost) no about the song

SOTW 9: 6/5/24 (results:failure - side order ost) no about the song

SOTW 10: 6/12/24 (40xEscape - bart bonte) silly flash game music

SOTW 11: 6/19/24 (places - jacknjellify) bfb ost

SOTW 12: 6/26/24 (luigi's casino - koji kondo) no about the song other than *insert walking toad in the background*

SOTW 13: 7/3/24 (one day... - ┼Żentour)

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